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The ‘Environment for Europe’ process remains an essential political framework for cooperation on environmental protection in Europe. It regularly brings together Environment Ministers at pan-European conferences to formulate environmental policy. The meeting in Aarhus, Denmark took place in June 1998. The latest meeting in the ‘Environment for Europe’ conference series has taken place in Kyiv, Ukraine, in May 2003. The ‘Environment for Europe’ process brings together all organizations and institutions working with environmental issues in the region, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
The 1st meeting of the Strategy Executive Bureau decisions stated it was essential not only to report to the Strategy Council but also to inform all the organizations involved in the ‘Environment for Europe’ process about the Strategy Bureau’s work (point 89 STRA-BU(96)17).

Those named bodies include: the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, the Committee on Environment Policies of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the Preparatory Committee for the Ministerial Conference ‘Environment for Europe – Aarhus, 1998’, the Project Preparation Committee, the Task Force of the Environmental Action Programme for Central and Eastern Europe, the Convention on Biological Diversity Secretariat, and the European Union.