Reasons to Invest in Montessori Beds

a baby in a bed

The Montessori bed adopts the Montessori-style bedroom that focuses on the kid. It is friendly to them because they can access everything within their reach. The bed is made to be at the toddler’s level so they can crawl into it any time they feel they need a rest. Although this idea is strange to many, some people around the world have used it with success. Parents should introduce a baby to a floor bed at two months or a few weeks old. Ideally, before the child starts scrolling, some prefer to wait until they become toddlers. The good news is that parents and caregivers can get the best montessori beds from the leading floor bed experts.

Below are some reasons to invest in Montessori beds:

Allow Freedom of Movement

allow freedom of movementWhen using Montessori bed, the child is not confined because they are free to move and get in or out of bed anytime. They become more active as they use floor beds hence crawling around more since the room is baby-proof with a more extensive area to play. This is important mostly in modern times as some children are confined in a crib or a high chair then to a stroller. And the freedom of movement help the children to learn their environment early and start practicing how to move by crawling.

They Create a Baby-Friendly Nurseries

Most nurseries are made with aesthetics and parents in mind. However, they should place for the child, inspiring and exciting for them. When you get a floor bed for your child, it can shape the other space choices as everything is set up with the little one in mind. Artwork should be hung at their level and low shelves with toys that they can access quickly and independently. Everything should be safe and straightforward for the child to get up or explore what they want.

They Empower Children

build confidence in childrenAnother significant advantage of these beds is that children can make decisions independently. This is because the toddler can move out of the bed to play instead of crying at the crib while waiting for someone to help them out. Even though they are is still confined in a room, they will have more power and control over what to do. The beds are suitable since parents cannot know what a child wants to do every time.

They Build Confidence in the Kids

When a child’s bedroom concentrates on their capabilities and needs, it allows them to do things independently and become confident. The baby has a sense of empowerment as they realize they can bring some change, leading to confidence. This is because their day does not have to start or end when the parent is present.…

Parental tips for kids with dyslexia

boy studying

Parents living with kids with dyslexia can be very overwhelmed and impatient. If you are a parent with a kid with dyslexia, then you might be tempted to compare him or her with other kids. It is important to understand the needs of your kid so that you can be able to deal with them better. For instance, kids with dyslexia are slow when it comes to capturing numbers and letters. Numbers and letters are a confusing experience to these kids and what you think is simple might not be necessarily simple to them.

Tips for kids with dyslexia

Love and patience

Love and patience are the main things that you can give your kid. You need to show them, love, because they are teased for not understanding the small things in school. The teasing might get into them and affect them in a big way. If the kid doesn’t feel loved, then they will have a more difficult time trying to capture things. Since they are also slow, it is important for you to be patient. They might take a longer time to understand things, but at the end of the day they will catch up.

girl studying

Make learning fun

Like you probably know, kids with dyslexia don’t learn like the other kids because they cannot process numbers and letters like the other children. Because learning numbers and letters is very difficult for them, you need to find a way to make them feel comfortable with the learning experience. You can make learning fun by avoiding using books every time. Go outdoors and have fun while learning. You will be surprised on how they can learn things using untraditional learning methods.

Remain consistent

Consistency is very important for children with dyslexia. You need to teach them one thing and remain consistent with to avoid confusion. The best way to teach them is by making things as simple as possible. Children with dyslexia might not take any tricks easily because it confuses them. Get one method of teaching and remain consistent with it.

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Don’t show frustrations

Teaching a child with dyslexia can be very frustrating because of the slow pace of understanding. There are times when you might get overwhelmed by the whole process. It is important not show your frustration or disappointed because you will make your child feel overwhelmed too. Take the process of learning as slow as possible.…