How to Choose the Right Material for Your Deck

composite decking

A perfect way of adding a beautiful deck is finding the right decking material. There are different options you should consider choosing from, and the right choice is dependent on your needs, budget, and specific tastes. For most customers, the perfect material for decking is composite wood. Although it has higher upfront costs, it requires less maintenance, and it is more durable. You can consult your deck building contractors first. These are other materials you should consider.

Aluminum or Metal Decking

If you want to build a deck next to the hot tub, pool, pond, or lake, you should consider metal or aluminum decking. The materials can resist moisture and can be installed in different areas that get wet. Also, it is cooler in the sun. This is an added advantage if you like walking on the deck on bare feet. Also, aluminum decking is not susceptible to wood-boring insects. It is a costly option upfront. This makes it suitable for the decks and can withstand a lot of water.

Pressure-treated Wood

If you find the upfront costs to be high, or if you can commit to routine maintenance, you can go for a pressure-treated wooden deck. In this case, regular maintenance requires painting or re-staining and yearly washings. You should also expect that pressure-treated wood can crack, warp, and splinter. Most homeowners are concerned about the chemicals that are used in the treatment process.

Specialty Wood

nice deckIf you want to add luxury to the deck, you should consider specialty woods. Cedar and redwood are common woods that are used in decking. They contain oils that are naturally resistant to the weathering. However, this does not mean the materials are not weatherproof. They can weather at a faster rate as compared to composite decking, and they still require routine care. It is advisable to apply to weatherproof to prevent splitting, and the color of wood can change over time.

Composite Decking

You should note that the decking materials mentioned here are not the only ones that are used. For instance, if you decide to use composite wood, you will need to use other materials to support the deck. The good thing about composite decking is that it is weather-resistant and it is maintenance-free. If you want to install a gorgeous deck that can last for long, you should go for composite decking. Most composite decking manufacturers are now making products that look like hardwood.…